Published: 02.04.2019

“In our region, you will take on a valuable task, whether in inpatient or outpatient settings, and whether on a full-time or on voluntary basis. You accompany people on their last journey and are highly committed, sensitive and trusting”, said Ralph Burkhardt, CEO of R+S Group AG, as he handed over a cheque for €2,500 to LebensWert, the Friends of Fulda Hospices Society. “We would like to support you and your self-sacrificing work. I was very impressed by the commitment of the volunteers, who help families and relatives in difficult times with both their words and deeds”.

The chairman of the Society, German Member of Parliament Michael Brand, accepted the donation together with his colleagues on the board. “The fact that our work is appreciated and supported in such a concrete way is a double gift. The money will go 100 percent to the hospice and bereavement work in our region”. According to Brand, the basic idea of hospice work is based on an affirmative attitude to life and death. “We want to strengthen the human aspect together, we want to promote the various local hospice services and make them better known, so that you meet the right people when you need help.”

Last year the R+S Group, as is its tradition, did not give Christmas presents to business partners or suppliers. Instead, it applied the principle of “Donations in place of Gifts”, with the donations to benefit charitable organisations that help disadvantaged people in the community. The sum donated will be distributed to multiple associations in the catchment area of the R+S sites in Germany.

About the LebensWert Friends of Fulda Hospices Society

The ‘Hospiz Förderverein Fulda e.V.’ supports the various areas of hospice work in the Fulda region. In the in-patient “Hospiz St. Elisabeth gGmbH” dying people and their relatives find comprehensive support and care. Those who want to give their relatives the opportunity to take that last journey at home will find support at the outpatient hospice service “Da-Sein” run by Malteser International. The children’s hospice and bereavement counselling service are also affiliated. The Friends of Fulda Hospices Society operates altruistically and pursues exclusively charitable purposes. Donations are generally tax-deductible.

Donor account: Hospiz-Förderverein Fulda e.V.
IBAN: DE 09 530 501 8000 0004 3696
Do not forget your address for the donation receipt.
Further information can be found at http://hospiz-foerderverein-fulda.de/


Cheque handover in front of the Fulda Maltese Centre in the former EIKA candle factory (from left): Wilfried Wanjek, Head of Malteser Hospiz Centre; Ralph Burkhardt, CEO of R+S Group AG; Elfi Makowka; palliative physician Dr. Peter Fehrenbach; Silvia Hillenbrand, Deputy Chairman of the Society; Dagmar Pfeffermann, Head of Hospiz St. Elisabeth; Palliative Foundation’s Dr. Thomas Sitte; Michael Brand, Chairman of Hospiz-Förderverein Fulda; Treasurer Volker Hans.

Photo: R+S Group AG

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