As a service company with an emphasis on the manual trades, our focus is on building services engineering, marine and industrial technology, personnel services, IT services and commerce.

In our main area of building services engineering our qualified employees plan, run, manage and look after projects in the fields of municipal and commercial construction, health care, shipbuilding and industrial plant operation, bringing to bear all their skills and knowledge. For a holistic approach, via which we offer our customers complete technical equipment from a single source, our interdisciplinary specialist staff also has the necessary technical expertise in the areas of energy and control technology, HVAC building services, project development / revitalisation and IT support.

Our portfolio has been extended with bespoke staffing services for qualitative skilled work, with an innovative and future-oriented IT service for the targeted delivery of building services, marine and industrial technology projects and with a B2B and B2C trading operation in order to guarantee a fast and seamless supply of high-quality products for electrical installations throughout Germany.


As a large, innovative company with traditional values, we are aware of the major responsibility we have towards our employees and our customers. Pursuing the goal of continuously expanding our position as one of the leading companies in building services engineering, marine and industrial technology and other areas of expertise is therefore not all we do. We also put at the centre of all our efforts and actions above all our employees and skilled workers, who merit our full attention and appreciation and whose professional careers we guide and support in a spirit of partnership. This gives them the opportunity to constantly broaden their horizons and continuously develop their skills through targeted training.

Alongside this, with a no-nonsense approach, great rigour and craftsmanship, we pursue the customer benefits of each job. To this end, we form specialist teams for each project made up from different skillset components, which bundle their different specialist knowledge and thus successfully deliver even highly complex projects. Our services and products therefore create the necessary technical prerequisites so that our customers can operate their activities and business models successfully and without any disruption.


How we do business is characterised by flexibility, fairness, reliability, value, straightforwardness and awareness of the need for high quality. Values that we also show to our employees and that they also convey to our customers in their work.

Our nationwide presence, our qualified staff and the establishment of centres of excellence enable us to deliver highly complex projects and services across the country. Through tailor-made support and maintenance plans for technical systems, we also ensure that they remain functioning and in good condition at all times.