Published: 13.03.2019


Dr. Manfred Ziegler is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of R+S Group AG, headquartered in Fulda, Hesse. As of February 4, the 58-year-old will take over from company founder Markus Röhner, who will continue to act as deputy chairman of the supervisory board. The team will be completed by Carsten Röhrs, who will continue to fulfil his previous role on the Supervisory Board.

For Markus Röhner this was a “logical step” after he had handed over management of the group last year and thus stepped back from the front line in order to devote more attention to strategic issues: “With Dr. Manfred Ziegler, we have gained a leadership figure who stands for growth, a sense of proportion and further expansion.” He had repeatedly demonstrated this in his many years of management activity, said Röhner.

“Dr. Manfred Ziegler will give R+S new impetus with his expertise”, added Ralph Burkhardt, CEO of R+S Group AG. Markus Röhner, he said, has written an incredible success story with R+S over the past 30 years. Now it is important to set the course for the future and to shape the future direction of the group responsibly. “We have ambitious goals, so I am even more pleased that with Dr. Manfred Ziegler we can develop our expansion with vision and at the same time build on Markus Röhner’s innovative spirit.”

Dr. Manfred Ziegler has worked in various management roles for over 30 years and has very broad industry expertise. He holds a doctorate in business administration and specialised very early on in the development and implementation of operative strategies and measures for the sustainable further development or realignment of companies. Dr. Ziegler: “My central task is to guide the company strategically in order to be able to react successfully to special situations”. That, says, the supervisory board’s new chairman, is always accompanied by an increase in competitiveness and profitability.

Image: (Left to right) Markus Röhner (Deputy Chairman), Dr. Manfred Ziegler (Chairman) and Carsten Röhrs.

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