Published: 14.03.2019


Fulda, March 01, 2019 – Dr. Wolfgang Dippel and R+S Group AG are to cooperate closely with immediate effect. “Our goal is to strengthen Fulda as a business location and to make it attractive for specialists and managers beyond the borders of our region”, says R+S Group CEO Ralph Burkhardt. The focus of the cooperation is the “Weiterbildungszentrum mit Zukunft GmbH” (Continuing Education Centre for a Bright Future Ltd), a fusion of the in-house academy and the ‘Weiterbildungszentrum’, which has been successfully working on the upskilling of specialist staff and managers for 15 years. “We are proud to have Dr. Wolfgang Dippel with his decades of expertise at our side in the future in order to further develop the content of our training unit, strategically network it and establish it nationwide. Burkhardt is convinced that a lot can be achieved together. “For 30 years I have been politically committed to the North and East Hessian region,” adds Dr. Wolfgang Dippel. “Now I’m looking forward to my new role and the issues that we will be initiating with the R+S Group.” A few weeks ago, the 64-year-old left the Hessian state government at his own request. With his recently founded consulting company he wants to dedicate himself above all to his hometown of Fulda.

For companies that want to grow like the R+S Group, upskilling and targeted further training are success factors of the future. “We have to keep pace with the rapid changes in the world of work. For instance, to name just one buzzword, with digitisation”, says Dr. Dippel. It is just as important to focus on the employee. “What makes me attractive as an employer? Few companies were asking themselves this question just a few years ago,” says Burkhardt. “A sufficient number of workers were available and there were enough applicants.” Today, he says, the situation is different. “It is now the companies that compete for talent – no matter whether they are trainees, specialists or managers,” adds Dr. Dippel. From his experience, he knows that around half of German employers have difficulties filling vacancies and have to refuse orders due to personnel shortages. “This is at the expense of competitiveness and innovative strength.” An applicant takes a very close look at his potential employer today,” says Burkhardt. Corporate brand, culture, management quality, remuneration, career opportunities, working environment and a good work/life balance are the essential factors. “Here there is potential across all employment groups that we want to leverage,” adds Dr. Dippel. We must continue to develop in this respect, he says, and value our employees. Everyone, he maintains, has abilities and skills that need to be promoted. In combination with the enormous quality of life that the region brings with it, it is possible, he believes, to get ahead in the competition with other cities, to attract specialists and managers to Fulda and to strengthen the region. For an employer like R+S Group, hugely important: “With our headquarters here at this location, it is an absolute must to be attractive for our employees,” summarises Burkhardt.

The ‘Weiterbildungszentrum mit Zukunft GmbH’ will be the hub where all these topics will be developed conceptually and offered with practical know-how and broad expertise in the form of seminars, upskilling courses and events for employers and employees. “There is room for ideas, new approaches and cooperation”, say both men, looking forward to the challenge.
Dr. Wolfgang Dippel was mayor of the city of Fulda from 2004 to 2014 and was subsequently appointed by State Premier Volker Bouffier to the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration as State Secretary. After five years, he voluntarily resigned from the state government a few weeks ago after more than 45 years of service.

R+S Group AG, headquartered in Fulda, Hesse, is a specialist in building services, marine and industrial technology. Founded in 1988, the group today employs around 3,500 people at over 30 locations in Germany and Europe.

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