Published: 15.04.2019


Together Matthias Predojevic (42) and Annette Oswald (54), as managing directors of R+S POWER solutions GmbH, are facing up to the current challenges in the market. Hand in hand, they are bringing in their ideas, motivation and experience within the company, so that together they can drive the entire R+S Group forward.

Annette Oswald:

With Annette Oswald, R+S POWER solutions GmbH has a creative, competent and motivated head at the top. After her training in the medical field, the 54-year-old worked for several years in the diplomatic service in Namibia and Poland. She then gained extensive experience in management consulting and has been working in personnel services for 18 years. “This industry is characterised by fast-moving changes which we have to face again and again.” Oswald has been professionally connected with Fulda since 2002, left Friedberg, where she had been living, in 2011 and found her new home here in her private as well as business life.

Since January 2018, she has been part of the R+S family and has dedicated herself as Managing Director to the area of responsibility of R+S POWER solutions GmbH. Oswald feels good. She sees herself as a provider of ideas and project manager: “The R+S Group is a down-to-earth company with a wealth of experience. I am pleased to be able to contribute my knowledge and to help shape new business models, such as personnel placement, within the company.”

Matthias Predojevic:

For six years now Matthias Predojevic has been using his know-how to drive the R+S Group forward. In his long and varied career, the 42-year-old father has already got to know many companies. Now Predojevic has taken on the shortage of skilled workers and the securing of skilled staff at R+S. “Since 2013, we have been working on a concept to retain skilled workers for the long term.” Whether from Hungary, Serbia, Poland or other countries, thanks to Predojevic’s commitment, a host of foreign specialists have already found a new home in the R+S Group. “I like contact with people. With my work I would like to generate added value for our employees and our company. My job is to create an environment where you feel comfortable.”

Along with the R+S POWER solutions team, the two managing directors want to achieve their goals in 2019: to develop new sites, to create up to 100 new jobs and to achieve an increase in sales of around €5 million.

R+S POWER solutions GmbH is one of three divisions of the R+S Group and is responsible for personnel solutions and services. Since its foundation in 2018, the company has been closely associated with R+S solutions and NEWA. The synergies between the companies promote the dynamic development of the R+S Group.

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